Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery Unit

Our heat recovery unit product solution is a customizable ventilation unit with an integrated heat recovery system. The unit also handles air heating and cooling. The heat recovery unit efficiently collects waste heat and recycles it. This significantly reduces both CO2 emissions and energy costs for the company. The system is designed to be directly integrated into the building’s process or automation system.

The units are lightweight and can be up to 50 % lighter compared to other solutions available on the market. The unit can be installed inside the factory building, outside, or on the roof of the building. The largest units have a maximum ventilation capacity of 70 m3/second.

The heat recovery unit is constructed from modules. All necessary technology is placed within a single module. By combining modules, the company can obtain the desired ventilation capacity. We can also design and implement customized ventilation ducts.

Reach the Right Capacity with our Modular and Customizable HVAC Solution

The primary purpose of the unit is to energy-efficiently manage the building’s heating, cooling, ventilation, and the utilization of waste heat as planned. In our design, we have also paid attention to other cost-saving solutions. These include:

  • Lightweight structure, can be installed on the roof, saves both space and materials, up to 50% lighter than other solutions on the market
  • Consist of the correct components and technology, reliable and stable
  • The unit can be equipped with cleaning and washing systems
  • All units feature the same CE-marked components, a limited number of spare parts/devices, quick and easy maintenance
  • The units’ sizes are optimized for container transport

Technical specifications

Module capacity and content
  • Ilmamäärä 5 – 70 m3/s
  • Suodattimet, lämmittimet, äänenvaimentimet
  • Pyörivä lämmöntalteenotto
  • Lämpöpumppuratkaisut
Fan options
  • Centrifugal
  • Axial
  • AC / EC motor
  • ATEX certified
Ventilation filters
  • Bag filters
  • G3, M5, F7, F9
  • Chemical filters
Rotary heat recovery
  • Models 1 m – 8 m in diameter
  • Sorption, high temperature, painted surfaces
  • Cleaning and washing units, pressurized hot and cold water system, compressed air cleaning system
Plate heat exchangers
  • Cross-flow heat exchanger
  • Counterflow heat exchanger
Electrical and automation systems
  • Automation/electrification readiness
  • ‘Plug and Play’