From Plumbers to Experts in Industrial Ventilation

Slussnäs and His Hard Work

Algot Slussnäs founded a plumbing company called Slussnäs in the 1970s. The pipes were made of cast iron and lead. The projects required skilled craftsmanship and a vision for planning and design. The first project involved installing pipes in a 12-unit row house under construction in Pietarsaari. There were no ready-made components; everything had to be manufactured from scratch. The life of an entrepreneur meant long days and sleepless nights. Gradually, Slussnäs gained a reputation as a skilled plumbing professional.

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Larsmo Rör and the Second Generation

By the 2000s, the name had changed to Larsmo Rör Oy, and the company’s calendar was full. At its peak, the company had plumbing projects in thirty houses simultaneously. Algot was a hard worker! It was only at this stage that the company started hiring employees – a one-man company was growing into a large enterprise. In 2014, Larsmo Rör Oy was dubbed ‘Company of the Year’ in Ostrobothnia. Sons Patrik and Niklas followed in their father’s footsteps. Traditional work was complemented by engineering studies, and they constantly delved into evolving methods, products, and equipment. The work of the next generation is characterized by diligent practical work and continuously growing industry expertise.

From Plumbing Expertise to Energy-Efficient Ventilation and HVAC Solutions

From the very beginning, the company’s operations were based on smart planning and skillful execution; smart planning involved thinking about how projects could be carried out as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. It wasn’t a big leap from there to the idea of energy conservation, a concept that emerged long before the recent energy crisis.   

Simultaneously, Larsmo Rör evolved into a significant HVAC contractor for large construction projects and industrial facilities. Growing energy costs, stricter requirements for energy efficiency, and the need to reduce carbon footprints led to the increasing adoption of energy-saving solutions and equipment in construction. The company’s expertise continued to grow, and the professionals at the company, accustomed to efficient resource use, readily embraced and implemented energy-saving solutions in all projects.

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Towards Comprehensive Energy Savings – ClimaPro

Algot had always been meticulous about material consumption and recycling. Patrik, too, developed a keen sense of how to use the company resources as efficiently as possible. He began to ponder how the waste heat from large factories in the vicinity could be utilized. Patrik, in the company of his friend Fredrik, started to explore how a comprehensive ventilation solution could enhance energy usage in nearby factories. However, the timing was not right – energy was still cheap, and climate concerns were not a priority at the time. Patrik focused on leading the company for several years, while Fredrik delved into the design, implementation, and commissioning of industrial HVAC systems in Finland and around the world. 

Then, many things began to change. The climate crisis, energy crisis, and the concerns about the planet’s sustainability finally shifted the focus. It was the right timing for ClimaPro.

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ClimaPro combines decades of Larsmo Rör’s plumbing and HVAC expertise with Fredrik’s expertise in the design, implementation, and commissioning of industrial HVAC systems worldwide. ClimaPro’s product, a customizable and energy-efficient HVAC solution, realizes Patrik and Fredrik’s dream that most waste energy can be harnessed.

Now, the time is right – ClimaPro’s solutions are spreading from one factory to another, from the boat industry to the metal industry, and into process industry.