We specialize in demanding ventilation solutions for the process industry

Since our focus is concentrated on one thing, our expertise runs deep.

With our expertise in the process industry, we can also offer energy-efficient and customized solutions for other industries, as well as for commercial and residential buildings.

The combination of extensive practical experience in the HVAC sector and complex HVAC projects in the process industry makes us a rare expert in the field. Our planning and design expertise is always closely linked to installation and operational proficiency.

We understand the customer’s needs and the expected benefits for all parties involved, including the factory workers, processes, designers, and those responsible for investments.

Our product solutions are based on customizable modules; we don’t have to change a standard solution to meet the customer’s needs. Our in-house sheet metal production enables flexible manufacturing for both modules and ductwork.

From the customer’s perspective, it is optimal to have a comprehensive expert as the project implementer, one who manages the project from design to commissioning. Having a single point of responsibility and a single invoicer reduces everyone’s workload and ensures smooth communication and collaboration.

The foundation of our competitiveness is our extensive experience in HVAC contracts and major projects in the process industry, both in Finland and abroad. We are driven by the desire to develop innovative HVAC solutions that result in to produce energy-efficient and environmentally friendly end products.

ClimaPro – Specialist in Demanding and Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

ClimaPro – Specialist in demanding and energy efficient HVAC systems