Industrial Plants

Energy-efficient Comprehensive Solutions for Industrial Space Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, and Heat Recovery

Industrial production facilities are currently seeking new, energy-efficient solutions for ventilation and heating. There are many products available for ventilation, heating, cooling, and heat recovery, but combining them into an energy-efficient solution can be challenging. With ClimaPro’s solution, there is no need to adapt different standard products to fit the factory’s requirements. Instead, we design and implement a solution optimized for your factory’s needs, making the system both energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

We have extensive knowledge of efficient ventilation for different manufacturing processes in various industries, including process industry, boat industry, metal industry, and electronics industry. These processes are used not only for drying but also for removing dust, dirt, gases, or other emissions from the air and ensuring safe working conditions.

Modular and Customizable HVAC Solutions with the Right Capacity for Your Needs

Our solution is a modular HVAC unit that allows us to adjust the capacity to fit the factory. The unit handles efficient ventilation for various production areas, machinery, and electrical rooms etc. In addition to ventilation, the same unit handles heating, cooling, heat recovery, and heat recycling. The system is designed to be directly integrated into the automation system in the building. If the customer does not have their own maintenance personnel, we can also offer continuous maintenance agreements for the system.

Ventilation Ducts

Our services also include designing, manufacturing, and installing ventilation ducts. Our extensive practical experience in HVAC projects and our in-house sheet metal production ensure tailored, correctly sized, manufactured, and installed ventilation ducts.

Are you looking for a competent partner who can design, manufacture, and install an energy-efficient, user-friendly, and modern ventilation system for your production facilities?