Process Industry

Energy-efficient HVAC Solution for Process Industry

With over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and implementing industrial ventilation solutions both in Finland and abroad, we have gained both insight and expertise in creating energy-efficient ventilation systems.

ClimaPro has developed its own modular HVAC unit that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each project or application. This unit handles ventilation for processes, machinery, electrical rooms, and other spaces. In addition to ventilation, the same unit takes care of heating, cooling, heat recovery, and heat recycling. The system is designed to be directly integrated into the factory’s process and automation system.  

In addition to excellent energy efficiency, maintenance and upkeep is easily handled when the system consists of units with the same components instead of various suppliers’ equipment. The storage of spare components for maintenance becomes more straightforward, and learning how to take care of maintenance does not take long. We provide training on how to use the system, and we can also establish a continuous maintenance agreement with the customer. These aspects also reduce lifecycle costs in the long run.

Ventilation Ducts

We can also include the design, manufacturing, and installation of ventilation ducts in our delivery. Our extensive practical experience in HVAC projects and our in-house sheet metal production ensure tailored, correctly sized, manufactured, and installed ventilation ducts. We can also create a renovation plan for an existing duct system and execute the project from design to installation.

For large projects, we collaborate with our partners. We have the experience and expertise to coordinate extensive projects that involve many different parties.

Innovative Solutions Tailored to the Needs of the Customer

Many factories are currently looking for a new ventilation solution. There are many existing products for ventilation but combining them into an energy-efficient solution can be challenging. With ClimaPro’s solution, there is no need to adapt an existing product to fit the factory’s requirements. Instead, we design and build a solution optimized for the needs of your factory.