Commercial and Residential Properties

Ventilation, Heating, and Cooling Solutions, as well as HVAC Contracts for Commercial and Residential Construction

Increasingly expensive energy, new requirements for energy efficiency, and the need for reduced carbon footprints have led owners of both commercial and residential properties to seek the most energy-efficient solutions. In larger residential or commercial buildings, ventilation, heating, cooling, and heat recovery solutions may consist of various equipment and systems.

One Single Unit Holding All Air-Related Functions

ClimaPro has developed its own modular HVAC unit that can be customized to provide the necessary ventilation capacity for the property. The unit handles ventilation, heating, cooling, and heat recovery, as well as heat recycling. The system is designed to be directly integrated into the building’s automation system.

The advantages of our system include excellent energy efficiency and easy maintenance. The unit’s capacity can be increased by adding new modules, each equipped with the same CE-marked components, which makes the storage of spare components for maintenance more straightforward. Learning how to take care of maintenance does not take long. We provide training on how to use the system, and we can also establish a continuous maintenance agreement with the customer. These aspects also reduce lifecycle costs in the long run.

Ventilation Ducts and HVAC Contracts

We design, manufacture, and install ventilation ducts. Our extensive practical experience in HVAC projects and our in-house sheet metal production guarantee customized, correctly dimensioned, manufactured, and installed ventilation ducts.

Our company’s operations began with plumbing and HVAC works and contracts. We continually execute HVAC contracts for both residential buildings and commercial properties in various sizes. In addition to ventilation systems, we can also provide design and contracting for other HVAC works in the property.

Are you looking for a skilled partner who can manage both ventilation and other HVAC planning and contracting?