Energy-efficient Factory or Property?

Save Energy and Reduce Emissions and Lifecycle Costs with Our Innovative HVAC Solutions

ClimaPro specializes in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly HVAC ventilation solutions. Our solutions are based on a modular unit that handles ventilation, heating, cooling, and heat recovery all within the same unit.

We have expertise in managing the entire process, from design to installation and commissioning, which makes us a seamless and reliable project partner for our customers. With our extensive practical experience in the HVAC field, in-house thin sheet metal production, and over 20 years of experience in paper and pulp mill projects worldwide, we have both the insight and the ability to execute projects cost-effectively.


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ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001

A significant objective within the development projects was achieved at the beginning of the year when ClimaPro Oy Ab was awarded certifications for three quality

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ClimaPro as a developer

Innovativeness and continuous development of energy-saving solutions make our days positively challenging, and our work very interesting. Amidst daily routines, we constantly question traditional solutions

Why Choose the ClimaPro Solution?

Minimizing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions are priorities for every industrial company and property owner. These savings not only improve business results but also have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions. Carbon neutrality will also become a significant competitive factor when choosing corporate partners in the future.